sexta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2012

Online Report: GLO1359 05/Jan/2012

Flight: GLO1359
Destination: São Paulo Congonhas, Brazil (SBSP-CGH)
Aircraft: Boeing 737-76N
Prefix: PR-GOI
Route: Nothing Information (Read the RMK)
Flight Level: Nothing Information (Read the RMK)
Start Engines: 17:19 Z
Runway in use: 30
Take off: 17:27 Z
RMK: Had strong wind at this airport and big cumulusnibus in the sky. The aircraft took off at runway 30 and after that, turned , flew at Pirapózinho and disappeared. I think that the aircraft diverted the of his route and the cumulusnibus and avoid the accident or strong turbulence. Then, I don't know his Route and Flight Level (FL).

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  1. Sera que tem algum site pra gente ouvir as transmissões da torre de prudente ?